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The Theatre Factory (Trafford PA)

""Russak eschews the deadpan, stop-and-start monotone that most Roxies adopt, and barely ever attempts the detached Fosse grace associated with the role. Her Roxie is pure impulse with no filter: clumsy, vulgar, sexy, gross and entirely lovable. Russak, a regular in cameo bits and dumb-blonde roles all over the Pittsburgh area, finally gets a leading role tailored specifically to her unique talents, and when the direction allows her to indulge in some decidedly un-Fosse physical comedy, such as her frenetic performance in the trial scene, the energy is palpable. With her knack for landing punchlines, and her instantly recognizable, tunefully nasal singing voice, Russak (who recalls fellow Fosse outsider Christina Applegate in her triple-threat breakout) is the sort of performer roles should be written for."

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